Planets in infinite flight?

I was just messing with the f-22 in solo and when I looked into the ground, I noticed a blue orb. I zoomed in and I was shocked to find out it looked like the planet ‘Uranus’. And these photos are legit. I’m wondering if it’s a glitch.

I didn’t know what topic to this in.


Looks like the moon decided to dress up as a graphic bug for carnival.


I don’t think the Devs actually coded in Planets during global. I suspect that it’s the moon but since your so far away, it might not have loaded in.


They really should code in planets. It would be pretty cool, and make night flights a lot more fun!


Looks like the moon but the texture didn’t load.

The size is too big, also noted I have not seen venus when the when the sun sets

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I’m laughing for real right now 😂😂😂


Planets in the night look like stars, but brighter. You wouldn’t even know which planet it is, but I guess it would be nice to have.


Ooh that is cool

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Ahh, you found the Earths iron-nickel inner core. 🤓


Many apps let you see where planets are in RT, so I’ll check if the starry skies we enjoy are real!

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Could just be a giant gumball lol

It couldn’t be Uranus anyway as Uranus is much further away in our solar system

I don’t think u can see it from earth tho

You cant see Uranus from earth but you can see the moon.

It happens when the your visibility is even a little low, so the atmosphere in between you and the moon is to thick for the moon textures to show, that’s what I have found…

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