Planets in IF

I actually never thought of this, but is it possible to see planets such as Venus, Saturn, Mars, etc in IF? If not then it would actually be really cool if it could be implemented someday.


… why hasn’t this… been mentioned… before…

I honestly have no idea, however I feel like this is a great question for @DeerCrusher . He’s really good with the night shots, and wrote the moon shot tutorial. He probably knows.

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I mean, it’ll look like stars for the most part. They’re not so close to earth where it’s clearly visible like the moon

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Well the blue ones would appear more blue in hue. Mars would appear more red in hue. The rest wouldn’t be too noticeable, however stars twinkle, while planets don’t. Not that the stars in IF twinkle currently…

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I’ve seen what looked like Uranus when I performed the mighty F22 nose dive glitch.


Ooooh nice! I wonder what Saturn would look like if we could see that. That would be EPIC! 🤩

Not my photo

Planets can also been seen in the morning and early evening when most stars aren’t visible, especially Venus and Jupiter, and I haven’t seen anything like that in IF before, so I don’t think there are any right now?

That’d look pretty cool actually. Casually in space with your F-22 and just exploring the nearby planets


Hopefully @DeerCrusher can provide a more clear explanation regarding the matter. I wonder if you could see the planets by going to space.

Then they will add the spaceshuttle I guess?

I long for the return of the space shuttle. It was so fun!

These planets are not in Infinite Flight primarily from the fact they are most of the time not visible from the ground. It’s also a waste of time developing when you only see some of them by going to space plus you need to research a lot about these planets before putting them in the app.

Nope the only extraterrestrial objects in the sky you’ll find are the sun, moon and stars.

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So… space is overrated? 😜

also the game has space shuttle, it doesn’t work

We no longer have the space shuttle. It was removed a while back.

i mean the 747 with space shuttle on top