Planetags-pocket sized aviation history

I just bought myself a gift!

Okay, these actually aren’t mine, I just googled it, but I did buy the blue one, like the one to the right.
So what these are, are tags made from genuine aircraft skin. In this case, the genuine skin of N665US, a 747-400 that served Northwest and Delta for more than 30 years. They were cut into their corresponding shape and then cut by laser to get the decals.
The two main manufacturers of this are Motoart(Planetags) in California and Aviationtags in Germany. The first ever planetag is a Lufthansa 747 made by Aviationtags if I’m not mistaken.

The cool thing about these planetags is that since they are cut from real aircraft skins, there are a lot of unexpected combo colors, which is the most attractive ones, and the most expensive ones. This red and white tag, for example, is cut from a China Eastern A319, and the red nose decal is mixed with the white fuselage, making it a unique piece of art.

Planetags are also pretty affordable, at the price of $25 to about $60, you can get almost all the cool tags you want!
Here are a few links to purchase planetags.

Motoart Planetags shop, has all the available planetags (besides the Delta 747-400)
Aviationtags (a more beautiful shape, but only accepts euros, and shipping is very expensive)
Delta 747-400 planetags(this is the one I got, and this is the only way to purchase the limited edition Delta 747-400 tag)
What are your experiences with planetags? Have you ever heard of them? What do you think of them? Are you ever going to purchase them?


I have one and love it! It’s a 757 one that my parents got me for Christmas one year

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The Delta 757? I wanted that one like crazy, but then the 747 one came out, and I went crazy for that one. I had to get a 95% on SSAT to get it. So I went crazy after SSAT.

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I believe so! It’s at home so I wouldn’t know what company

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Oh Interesting.
I am actually thinking ( and talked to you ) that buying a piece of metal that used to be a plane is pointless, I 'd rather just spend the same money on a 1:200 model.

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Let me spend my money on what I want, Eric!
Also, you can’t be talking, I have two models in my dorm room, you have one 737.

Fair enough… :_(
But I have a 747, a 727, a 777, an A330, and an A380 at home:)
Also planning to buy either a 757 or an MD-11 this winter

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Wow these look so cool!! I’m gonna order one soon!

Cool! Check out the links!

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