Planet 9 Challenger 350 N5161

Hey IFC! I ask for your vote on this beautiful challenger 350!
N5161 is a challenger 350 owned and operated by Planet 9 aviation. It is not a simple one stripe black and white plane, instead, it contains blue and yellow!

Credit: and Planet9ʻs website.

This is a unique livery that would thrive in the sky’s of infinite flight!! Therefore I will absolutely cast a vote

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Definitely unique I don’t really like it

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Wow what a beautiful livery, I’m out of votes though :( would be great to see this in IF one day.

The blue and yellow are a perfect combo, love the livery. Ran out of votes sadly :(

A Bump for this beautiful 350!!

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It looks very nice

Love this livery

a small but big bump?

A bump that is needed, I so love this livery.

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sadly i dont think this will be added but I can always be wrong :)

Come on! lets add this bird into our sim

Beauty in the air




Sad that this was nor added.

(or was it?)

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wish this was added, maybe in the future 🤷