Planespotting with my friends at OGG

Hello everyone! So as I promised, we would show shots of me, @Pilot_InfiniteFlight, @United403, @EastTexasAviationYT and @Flyin.Hawaiian

On vacation

Server: some solo some expert
Routes: variety

My shots:

United 737-800 going to LAX

Our good friend @Butter575 arriving from HNL
@United403’s shots

American 777-200ER (One World) going to PHX

Westjet 787-9 coming from YYC
@EastTexasAviationYT’s shots

Hawaiian 717 slamming the runway from KOA🥴

C750 coming from Burbank
@Flyin.Hawaiian (the definition of dumb ways to get arrested 🤣)

him sneaking out to the tarmac to catch the American A321 from LAX

Aannnd once again him stupidly taking out his drone to catch the United 777-200 storm off to SFO…
@Pilot_InfiniteFlight’s shots

Private E175 coming from Lihue

Plane lineup
Who had the best shots


@Flyin.Hawaiian do you have anything to say about your illegal actions 🤣


Ain’t illegal if you don’t get caught


The quality of these shots looks amazing. Love the Westjet pic !


@Flyin.Hawaiian 😁😁😁😁

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tbh IRL i can do that i know the gate passcode at OGG to access the ramp

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Spill the beans

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Hmm…. Is that how that works?

It says it in the United States constitution

for legal reasons this is seriously a joke

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Ahh, yes I forgot about that part of the Constitution.