Planespotting photos KCLT (January 2022) PT.2

Here is my part 2 to my planespotting photos. Hope you enjoy!

Delta A319 taking off 18C infront of the Charlotte skyline.

Here is an American A321 taxing to 18C before a flight to Pheonix.

Here is N947AT, a Delta 717 taxing out to 18C for a flight to Detroit.


Noice Shots, change the topic so it doesn’t get closed. Also, I love the buildings in the background.

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Hello, these are superb photos, unfortunetly they belong in the #real-world-aviation:spotting catagory. you are currently TL1 and need to be TL2 to post there. Just keep reading, posting and liking what you love and like in the Community forums and you will get there in no time.

Edit: we have changed the category for you, Have a great day. Thanks @LordWizrak

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As @CaptainAli_yt and @Skyler.Cooper said, this should go in the #real-world-aviation catergory. You are currently a basic rank, to post in there you have to be TL2 (member rank)
Edit: don’t know how you changed it since you’re TL1, but thanks 😂😂

he didnt change it, Us regulars have changed it for them. ;)


Ah, alright 😂😂

bro these phots makes me feel like I’m watching 32 VERY SMOOTH AIRCRAFT LANDINGS | A340 747 A380 777 | Sydney Airport Plane Spotting - YouTube very nice!

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Beautiful photos

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Love the skyline in these, very special.

Awesome shots!

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