Planespotting Photos at KCLT (January 2022) PT. 1

I will be posting my 4 best photos I have taken from planespotting at CLT airport. Hope you like them, BTW: I do not see or have a spotting catergory so I have to use this.

American 777-200ER ONE WORLD livery just landed form Frankfurt, Germany taxing on CHARLIE.

Southwest 737-700 WALT DISNEY WORLD 50 YEAR special livery taxing on ECHO.

American A319 landing on RW 18C from Des Moines, Iowa.

Lufthansa A350 taxing in from Munich, Germany.


Did I hear KCLT!?

Great photos, lucky that you managed to get both the One World special and the Southwest Disney livery.

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Thanks man really apreciate it

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Nice photos, I got a photo of the Disney one also but at KSAT


Love that Lufthansa A350. All of these are equally stunning though, great job!

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Awesome photos! Love the American! 🤩

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Amazing pictures! The AA 777 is very impressive!


Sweet, Thanks!

Thank You!!

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Thank You!

The lufthansa 350 is my favorite to! Got some more good edits coming soon.

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