Planespotting Photo dump

As you can see, I have become very inactive from this community and elsewhere related to IF. I’ve been doing a lot of plane spotting recently since it is the holidays, so here are some pictures I’ve taken.

Gear: Guess
Location: Varies

Jetstar A320 on final Runway 23.

Unusual Qatar Airways at this time arriving from Melbourne; This article may explain why: Qatar Airways Tags Adelaide On To New Second Daily Melbourne Flight – Here's Why

A dirty 9M-MTB bound for Kuala Lumpur

A very cool Pilatus taxiing to runway 05.

A beautiful Qatar Airways from the kiwi country on final minutes before sunset

A beautiful 737 Max 8 with a beautiful livery.

My sisters plane arriving from Perth after doing some activities related to mining.

Second time seeing a REX B738 arrive from Melbourne

Beacon shot of a A350 turning up those Trent XWBs

That’s all, bye!


American registrated PC-12 in Australia is quite interesting.


What amazing shots!!!:D I love the up close Qantas 737!

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