PlaneSpotting Part 2 @ YPAD 27/8/22


Location: Adelaide
Gear: Nikon Coolpix P90

Singapore Turning Onto Runway

Qantas moments before touchdown

Virgin Final

Alliance Embraer

9V-SHT Tail

Picture of 33 year-old Swedish Built Plane

Another virgin

1959 Qantas

Lastly a kinda blurry picture of the RFDS PC-12



Nice pictures, I liked the Singapore airlines tail a lot!
Also I’m hosting a fly out event at YPAD on 10/9, check it out here: Massive Adelaide Fly Out

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Nice photos mate, how’s the weather in the vicinity of the airport?

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It’s been ok for the past days.

Thanks, I won’t be attending since my sub i has expired.

Oh that’s a shame

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