Planespotting Myself @ YBBN

My alarm rang at 5 AM local time.

Today was the day I would be planespotting an Emirates A380 at Brisbane.

I woke up from my slumber, freshened up, got dressed and made my way to the kitchen. I quickly checked LiveFlight App to see the status of the flight.

I checked EK434’s estimated arrival time. They were expecting an arrival 21 minutes ahead of schedule.

I gulped my breakfast down and ran outside to catch a cab. Before long, I was here at the airport. I rushed to the planespotting area and set up my camera.

Now, we wait.

Tick, tick, tick. 6:01… 6:02… 6:03… 6:04…

With a majestic roar, the magnificent double-decker descended towards the ground gracefully.

I clicked away.

I wait for all the passengers to deboard. I’m sure they must’ve had a lovely experience on the refurbished Emirates cabins. I walk out of the airport, tired and jet-lagged. I stop by a restaurant to have a small meal. Soon, I book an Uber and it arrives shortly. I get to my hotel. I take off my clothes, wash my face and just plump down onto the bed.

That’s when I thought.

What if I try and get some planespotting done the next morning?

What if I try and photograph EK434 the next day?

I set my alarm for 5 AM.

I was stuck in a tesseract. I couldn’t break out of it. I just watched Interstellar.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Livery: Emirates - 2023
Flight Time: 12 hours 56 mins
Flight: EK434 (Dubai - Brisbane)


I was flying DXB - MEL around the same time, nice shots and storyline!

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Great pictures 🤩

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