Planespotting @MBJ Part 5?

Hello guys I am back (AGAIN) to planespot at MBJ since I only have 3 more days, might as well make use of it 😬
(Photoshopped Pans)

Ummm, aren’t you supposed to be in Paris??

Wow Air France…, you need to do a better job telling your short haul aircraft not to fly outside of Europe…

Ahh yes, the good ol’ 767

O’Canada, O’ Canada, what a wonder you are!

What a red beaut!

Bonus Shots

Air France Light

Rich bois coming out of Dassault

Shine!!! It’s MBJ’s Golden hour

Which picture was your favorite

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im inclined to say that WestJet is my Fav!!!
@Flyin.Hawaiian will agree with me

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bias detected


Lol awesome pictures

Nice shots.

Dare I ask if Part 6 is coming?

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LOL nice, can’t wait

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LATAM has been acting sus lately…


Nevermind 😒

Love to see Air France A320s not in Europe.

Nice shots!

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It’s kind of weird that there’s a pocket of the Caribbean (as well as Florida, I believe) where your an see Air France A320s outside of Europe.

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