Planespotting @MBJ Part 4

Hello everyone I have an unhealthy obsession of planespotting on vacation so I posted a topic
(Pans are photoshopped)


Air Canada A321 came out as rouge

Good ol’ Canyon Blue

Umm, Mr. JetBlue has a crush on Mrs. NY


smol 737

Southwest 737 MAX Will MCAS

Evo Blue

Tali is crying acid rain because it’s leaving paradise

Which picture was your favorite

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Nice shots

Will there be a part 5? 👀

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I might spot tomorrow so maybe

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Nice shots! How did you get such good pans?

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Please read here, if you want to find out how to do this, don’t hesitate to shoot me a pm :-)

Woa the American is keeping pace with the southwest while going backwards 😳


Came in from Miami and was going to the gate, now that’s a nice shot!



I see yellow, I like.

Nice shots man!

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