Planespotting @MBJ Final part 6

Hello everyone! Today is unfortunately my last full day in Montego Bay, I had so much fun I don’t want to leave! I’ll also show some exclusive planes I never shown in previous parts :)

Beaches In Sandals

Speedy American 321

I’m blue

you’re going north, not southwest 🤨

Speedy Hummingbird

Smartwings but the wings are stupid 🤓

speedy small plane

another angle of the speedy small plane

line up

Rich boi

Special thanks to everyone for sticking with my spotting series at MBJ, I will certainly be back very soon! Until then, see ya in the skies!
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Great shots! What camera do you use?

My Grandmas IPhone 12 Pro Max


Lol we all start somewhere I use an iPad 11 pro

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Okay, I’m not trying to be rude, but the artificial motion blur in the background of these photos almost makes me motion sick. I get that you’re trying to add an effect and that you might think it looks good but it doesn’t improve the quality of your photos which honestly aren’t the worst quality in the first place.


So you want me to change the photos to raw?

I could, standby, since it does make users motionsick.

Fixed, thank you for the feedback!

Later today or tomorrow I will put together my best shots and put then in one topic!

I started with an iphone 6s

Served me well

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