Planespotting @ KATL... Again 8-4-18

Hello IFC,
So a couple of weeks ago I found myself on another three hour layover in Atlanta, on my way to Chicago Midway. I know I was just there only a couple of days before (actually my fourth time in 10 days), but no complaints from me, I was at an airport :) Anyways, I decided to go to the F concourse DL SkyClub, so I could get a chance to go outside a get a breath of fresh (jet-blast) air. Here are some of my favorite pics:
Okay, okay. This was taken at KMCO but I had to find a way to sneak it it- not something I see everyday.

Delta’s BCRF 767-400 being rolled from a hard stand to its gate.

A Delta 757-200 taxiing by (taken from my MD-88 window, not from the SkyClub)

Another DL 767-400 rolling by, a cool plane, but a “commercial failure”.

A Delta 737-700 arriving from St. Maarten, going back to the same airport later.

Another shot of the DL 767-400, looking good!

A Delta A330-300 strutting by (I tried to get rid of glare on the fuselage, unsuccessfully, if you can tell).

Hope you guys likes my newest shots! Let me know what you think.


These are some really nice pictures! Definitely a lot of Delta aircraft at KATL :D


Thanks! ATL is still the busiest airport in the world (for now…)


We’re coming for you! 😂


Lol you never know :D

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Great spotting! Too bad I don’t get as much variety here at MSP


If you are talking about monotonous airports, try BWI. All Southwest 737s. Cough boring Cough. Wait a minute, am I complaining about airplanes?! Shame on me.


Well we don’t realyl get any new aircrafts but it’s still cool to spot here! I wished that we get 787’s or A350’s or even a max would be super cool!

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Deltas only special livery aircraft!! Nice! You need to upload more of these!

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Great pics of my fav airport in the SE

Keep it up,we enjoy these pics
Delta lookin sharp and good

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Thanks! I will for sure keep uploads coming.

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Wow! Nice pictures
I have pics from ORD where I am writing this post from lol!


Are you sure that 757 is the -200 variant? I mean it looks like it, but I thought Delta’s 757-200’s have winglets?

Yes, it is a 757-200, some DL 752 don’t have winglets.

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