Planespotting in Qatar

Hi all! Sorry for the useless topic but wanted to ask my spotters about spotting in Doha. I’ll be flying to Doha in 2 weeks and will try to spot from the airport. Will I be caught or in trouble for planespotting since I know planespotting in the middle east can be risky. Please let me know if I cannot planespot from my gate in Doha / OTHH… or any restrictions or risks I could have if planespotting in doha… thank you!


I personally wouldn’t. I got told off for taking pictures at Dubai airport and that’s more relaxed than Qatar so no I wouldn’t openly take pictures unless someone else says otherwise


I agree with Chatta. I have heard that you can get in trouble for openly planespotting in Qatar. It’s your choice but personally I would not risk it.


If you are in the airport watching out of a window you should be fine. I know they don’t like people outside the airport coming in with camera gear taking photos and stuff. So since you’re in the airport it should be okay.


Spotting within the airport in certain areas is perfectly fine, outside the airport is prohibited and you could get into serious trouble, as with many middle eastern countries.

The reason for this is that the government thinks that you are ‘spying’ on their aircraft and their personal territory.

As Balloonchaser said in a previous topic about this:

“Ultimately, you want to be in a comfortable situation when conducting a hobby, you don’t want to hide to take photos and be questioned by police. In Europe, the US, Australia and Japan they have designated areas and observation decks to take photos.”

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Don’t be alone while spotting and always have fun. Don’t be scared to enjoy your hobby


Everyone on the IFC:


yeah, I should be fine cause I’m doing gate spotting right? ill just be at the gate window with my camera or no?

I wouldn’t use a giant camera especially if there’s a lot of security, a friend of mine did that once and they immediately asked him to put it away.

But i’m sure if you’re at the gate and there are a few people and you make sure not to get anyone of those people in the photo, everything will be fine!

i have a small nikon camera and may snap like 2-5 pics at the gate and put it away… is that okay?

That should be fine, have fun spotting! :)

Just saw this, DXB Airport is a lot more strict on plane spotting as it gets more people coming through the airport compared to qatar, also majority of Dubai’s population is non-emirati and restrictions are in place to prevent any emirati property to be photographed and used maliciously.

Qatar however is also strict but is a big less compared to DXB due to the fact that they have less people flying through the airport.

I would say Dubai and Saudi Airports are the most strict when it comes to plane spotting and photography in general, on the ground because i’m sure we’ve all seen vlogs of Trip Reports on Emirates/Etihad and Qatar and even some Saudi Aircraft.

Just make sure you’re in an appropriate spot, don’t stand there photographing for ages and don’t photograph other people.

thanks! ill check with you when I arrive in doha… im just checking cause I don’t want any trouble with the airport staff… just a small kid photographing planes for insta

Feel free to, I live in the middle east and travel through these airports quite often :)

If you’re spotting at the gate then it’s totally fine. I’ve done it a ton of times there. However I do think you will get into trouble for planespotting outside the airport.


understood. I will not be stepping out of DOH… just spotting through the gate!

I would just say that I live in Dubai and that is where you best taking photos, if you go across the Highway just behind 30L and 30R you can get some good pictures, Qatar not so much, and just warming it is hitting 51 Celsius in Qatar ( 125 in Fahrenheit )

Got home 2 weeks ago and 1 lovely qatar airways staff let me take some pictures of the a350! I’ll send them here in a bit!

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Oop, didn’t check the date, rly sry

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