Planespotting in Munich during the Security Conference @EDDM

Hey everyone, I finally managed it to go to Munich, during the Munich Security Conference. There were many specials for me. I hope you like the pictures!

Airport: Munich Airport (MUC/EDDM)
Date: 20.02.2022
Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
Lens: Tamron 18-400mm
Weather: Cloudy/Sunny

The day began with this B737MAX8 of Turkish Airlines

Then the Spanish government arrived with an Dassault Falcon 900

Then the glory Queen came in

One of the best liverys out there!

The king also joined the party and brought good weather with him

After a change of the location I was able to spot my first A319neo

Then the Clipper of the US Air Force appeared on the apron

30 minutes later the B747-8 left Munich, in perfect light

Then I drove up to the north-runway, to spot this 737 from Down Under

At the end of the day, this TAP A321neo also departed from the north-runway


Nice shots ! Munich is a really nice airport !

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Incredible shots!

Keep up !

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Nice catch! <3

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Incredible catches- love the good weather too :) do you by any chance know who owns the 747-8?

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Incredible pictures! My home airport is rn a library…

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Beautiful shots! Love that A319neo… such a special plane.

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Cool pictures! Did you also get a glance at all the private jets parked in front of the visitor hill in the apron next on the distant side of T1? I arrived there on Thursday and while taxiing I saw soo many Gulfstreams, Challengers, and other private jets

I mean the parking spots on the left of this screenshot

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Thank you! I only saw the private jets from the highway 🥺

I try to spot them next year, when there is hopefully better weather 😵

Thank you as well @T1MMY4L1F3_YT @Cpt.TC @Captain_Nicolas @AviationZyYT @canton @2ndSyncline

And @Cpt.TC, the owner of the B748 is Qatar Amiri Flight 👀


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