Planespotting from a Cruise Ship (MHRO) - 11/25/19

Hello IFC!

I’ll be sharing a few photos that I took from Roatan, Honduras!

I was cruising on Royal Caribbean’s “Symphony of the Seas”, and we stopped by the island of Roatan for the day. The port is right along the approach path of RWY07, and throughout the day I saw aircrafts landing. A lot of the traffic were general aviation, but there was some commercial traffic as well. At the end of the day after I toured the island, I sat on the top back deck and watched the airport for a hour or so. I didn’t have internet connection, so I didn’t know what airlines/aircrafts would arrive and at what time. But I still managed to capture two aircrafts arriving.

At MHRO, I spotted at this location, generally… I was on a ship so it’s just approximately where I spotted
MHRO Spotting Location

Hope you like this short spotting thread

Enjoy the photos, and feedback is appreciated!

First aircraft I saw that day, a TAG Airlines Saab 340

And here’s the other aircraft I spotted that day. A Cayman Airways Boeing 737-300. This aircraft had a long history with many other airlines, before being acquired by Cayman Airways in 2004.

Thank you for checking out my eight planespotting thread! Feel free to check out my other planespotting threads below if you’d like.

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Beautiful photos!

Interesting that you could spot from a boat, very cool though!

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That’s super cool! Did you know the symphony of the seas is the biggest cruise ship to date? Almost even cooler than the planes! Nice photos

Ah yes, cruise ship spotting. I tried that once, let’s just say yours turned out 100x better than mine did lol. Nice shots!


Oh nice shots taken there.

Legend has it that boat made its way 2 that little island

Definitely two of the rarer planes/airlines. The Cayman livery is really cool, as are you’re pictures. The location is rather unique as well ;) Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! @MJP_27 @Aviation3 @AndrewWu @JulianB

Yes I did know Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship currently, it’s massive! @andyyy

I honestly have no clue how that boat got there… The name of the boat is Sea Angel 1, and I’d be curious if anyone finds out what happened to it! @J2S


Awesome photos! A ship would be one of the last places I would choose to go spotting, but you certainly thought it was a good idea — and it paid off! Well done!

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Thanks, appreciate it!

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