Planespotting at YBBN Airport

Please comment on what you think about my posts, which one is your favourite and if you want me to post more!
Hope you enjoy,
Luke :)



Alright, we are going to have to limit you to 10 Pictures. Pick your best 10 and remove the rest please.

ok thanks for letting me know :)

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In addition to what @AviationGaming said, this category is for screenshots and videos of Infinite Flight. These are real world photos, fit for #real-world-aviation:spotting. However, you cannot post in that category until TL2.

Please see this topic as also linked by @AviationGaming:

Also, please see the guidelines for #real-world-aviation:spotting :

I’ll also attach the beginner’s guide to the forum:

Thank you for your understanding. Nice photos, by the way! I really like your first photo. :)