Planespotting at VMMC (Macau) Update 1

A few days ago we went up a mountain and I found that you could get really good view from there! Here are some pics. Sorry for the bad quality, I took these with my phone and it was cloudy.


I see even the dog has an interest in aviation. :)

You’ve trained him well. And I like the location for spotting.


If you stay at the airport hotel you have really good views of the apron.

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I really liked the last photo, it’s always good have more than one perspective on your subject.


Who’s an avgeek puppy

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This Chinese airports has a unique design :3

I went up the hill quite a few times, but the planes weren’t very notable. But, I went up yesterday, and guess what I saw.

A DC-10!

A special livery AirAsia

P.S. We brought Max (the dog) but he wasn’t as interested as last time :) Also, expect more over the next few weeks.

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