Planespotting at Maui Pt 2

Hello everyone, while on spring break in Maui as y’all know I flew united airlines to Hawaii, I decided to leave my resort and Planespot

Lemme chill mini mods

Server: solo
Aircraft: Variety
Route: provided

Delta A330 coming from Atlanta

Southwest 737-800 going to Honolulu

American Airlines 787-9 coming from Dallas

Mokulele C208 repositioning to Hana

American Airlines A321 coming from Los Angeles

American Airlines 777-200ER coming from Phoenix

Alaska Airlines 737-900ER going to Portland

which picture was your favorite

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How did you get that affect on the aircraft? It looks really good.

I use Adobe photoshop express

mokulele c208 doing like 4000fpm lol, btw SWA doesnt fly the canton blue here, except N872CB 😉

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All of them were great to view @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

hawaiian realism police awakens


Thank you so much

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I use VITS

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@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek do you want to do some? Aerial refueling flights

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek here is a cookie 🍪 for featuring my favorite plane the A330

I’m leaving Maui in three days :(

Dang, how was it?