Planespotting at KPHL: Featuring the Philadelphia Skyline

Planespotting at KPHL: Featuring the Philadelphia Skyline

It’s been a while since I’ve made a planespotting thread. Yesterday I went spotting at Philadelphia International Airport and got some pretty nice shots, and decided to share a few here.

It was freezing cold, and windy, and couldn’t feel my face and fingers afterward… but I think it was worth it. Tried spotting from a new angle at KPHL, where you can spot the airplanes landing on 27R with the Philadelphia skyline in the background.

Here is the location:
KPHL Spotting Location

Enjoy the photos, and feedback is appreciated!

#1: First off, a United Express E175LR operated by Mesa Airlines arriving from Houston (KIAH)

#2: Here is a Frontier Airlines A321 with “Spot the Jaguar”, coming in from Miami

#3: A relatively new American 787-8 landing from Frankfurt

#4: Here is an American Eagle E175LR coming in from Tampa

#5: A Frontier Airlines A320neo with the “Trixie the Fox” livery landing from Punta Cana

#6: Here is an Amerijet International 767-300ER coming in from Ontario. This aircraft used to fly for American up until last year in January

#7: Here is another American 787-8 arriving from Amsterdam

#8: And finally, a United 737-800 coming in from Denver

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Thank you for checking out my tenth planespotting thread! Feel free to check out my other planespotting threads below if you’d like.

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Thanks again for checking out my thread! Again, I’d appreciate your feedback on my photos!

Have a good day :)


Very nice shots!

Damn that livery is spicy


Very great spotting!!

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Wowza Bryan! Looks amazing with the winter lighting!

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Amazing photos!!! What camera do you use?

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Good pictures !

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Super clean shots, Bryan. I really love that UA B738 shot; super clean, and the plane looks amazing!

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Thank you! I use the Canon Rebel SL2

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I really love how you brought out the white in your shots! Amazing job mate!

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Niceeee, I’ve actually been on both of those Frontier ones so that’s really cool!!

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Incredible cool pictures! I love the way you managed to integrate the city skyline, especially as the light conditions on the airplanes are really good as well. Thanks for sharing :)

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For your next KPHL spotting can you please get a private jet

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You ask and you shall receive… One of the first shots I took that day

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Thank you thats a NetJets

Where did this jet arrive from

Can you please take a Gulfstream picture at KPHL

It arrived from Boca Raton, Miami. Haven’t spotted a Gulfstream yet though at KPHL

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