Planespotting at KEGE

Hello everyone. Some of you might know that I live up in the mountains of Colorado. Up here, there are a few airports that you can spot at. I usually fly in and out of Eagle County Regional Airport. So, that’s we’re I tend to get the most pictures. Over the last year, I’ve been taking photos with my I-phone SE of some planes. These photos are a mix of Planespotting or trip report photos. I hope you enjoy.
Reminder: These photos were taken with an I-phone SE so they are not going to be your typical quality.

These were taken today:

I was at KEGE today (12/18/17) and got these photos.


Awsome pictures, fellow Rocky Mountainer! It’s pretty cool that you get the American 757, what time of year was this?


I drove past Eagle County Airport the other day, driving back to Denver after a hockey tournament. I had no idea Eagle got big planes from Delta, American, or United. I always thought it was small regional or private jets that flew into Eagle.


The 757 used to come everyday but was replaced with the A319. During the ski season though, both Delta and American have multiple 757 flights every day. While the A319, 737 and CRJ are also used. The airlines that use the other planes are American, Delta, United, and Air Canada.


Nice pics! I use an Iphone SE also! Don’t worry, your a great photographer with the camera you have! :)

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Over the holidays, I plan to get an actual camera.

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Nice! I recommend a Canon Powershot SX60 HS. I recommend getting a camera that best suits you. The better you feel with your camera, the better your pics will be. I use a Nikon D3000 18-55 mm lens though.

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Thanks for the recommendation!

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Great Pictures, love seeing the traffic at the smaller airports!

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Love the close ups and the 757’s

It’s easy at Eagle because you board up a ramp.

Check out my new picks that I got today!

Nice spot !
I love these

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