Planespotting at JFK

Ill look that up, thanks

Thank you. I honestly don’t know how to spot in the airport without a ticket or something else like that.

At least from what ik of T4 and T2, they won’t let you through security without a ticket for obvious reason

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I can understand that

The best place I was so far was on the Roof of Terminal 5,
Got some nice A380 shots…


How did you get up there

Parking lot roof, I did have to pay ;( but it’s worth it!

Be sure to post any pictures you take here. I’d love to see them.


Cool, I’ll look it up!

Definitely! I’ll post them on this topic too so none of you have to search around the community for them. But I still don’t know when I am going do go spotting. I’ll tell you guys when I have a date!

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Hey man, I saw you or someone who had your display name at KJFK! Just wanted to let you know!

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Oh also it’s a new extension to T5 around Gates 24-30 :)

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Cool, I’ll look it up and add it to my list.

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