Planespotting at JFK from airport hotel room

Hi all! These were a few pictures I took a couple days ago at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near the airport. I stayed here the night before I catched my flight to Hawaii. I forgot about them so here ya go!

I caught my one plane the morning I departed, Hawaiian A330 from PHNL, the same route I am taking tommorow!

Interjet coming in from Mexico City!

South African A340 landing from Johannesburg after a very long flight!

American B777 coming in from I think São Paulo, I can’t remember! Sorry if I’m mistaken!


Nice spotting view,nice to see the heavies rolling in
Isn’t it kinda loud when sleeping tho? Just a thought

That’s a gorgeous view wow nice shots 👍

Great shots better than what i got from the gate

I’m guessing the windows are sound proof…

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