Planespotting at Home

NOTICE: feel free to upload your own pics of aircraft over your home, but as this topic is home-spotting only, aircraft photos from airports are not permitted. There are plenty of topics for those.

Hey everyone-

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase of EGLL traffic (and some EGKK traffic) over my house. My local airport is Farnborough, but I mostly see approach traffic for Heathrow and Gatwick.

Since my camera has a decent zoom (if you have digital zoom enabled) (90X, 20X optical), I figured it would be a fun idea to try to snap a few pics of the commercial aircraft over my house. (I also got a helicopter in, probably from Farnborough)

Anyway, here they are. Also, feel free to correct me if I mis-label the aircraft.

Virgin 787-9

British Airways A321 (Community-corrected by @Insertusernamehere and @MishaCamp)

British Airways A320

British Airways 767 (I know they’re old, but I think BA still operate a limited, adapted few)

British Airways A321 (Community-corrected by @Insertusernamehere and @mishacamp)

Iberia Express A320 (Special Livery, I think it may be this one - (I do NOT own the image that is shown in this link):

British Airways A321 (Community-corrected by @MishaCamp)

TAP Portugal A319 Tail Code: CS-TTR (Community-corrected by @International)

Aeromexico 787-8 (Lets be honest this one was easy)

British Airways 747-400 (Another easy one) This one came over very low so it was either heavily loaded, or was set for a slightly lower approach. I often see 747s come over this low, but this one was particularly low and particularly loud)

AugustaWestland ______ ? I don’t have much helicopter knowledge so someone will have to inform me on the full title of this aircraft.

British Airways 747-400 (Same one as earlier, pictures are out of order so sorry about that). One thing worth mentioning is how this one was so low, even the engine cones (with the swirls on them) are clearly visible!

Another TAP Portugal A319. (Yes, this one was different, I remember taking a separate picture of a different TAP aircraft) (Community-clarified by @International)


I will post some images later on as I live extremely close to heathrow so can get some good spotting pics.


nice! Hope to see them soon!


You sure about that

Again lmao


Nope again. Looks like an A321. Just look at the winglets 🤦🏼‍♂️


They don’t exist… but I think thats a 767 or 757?

I may be horribly wrong


Sorry! I don’t do much spotting, so I will change the captions immediately.

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Flightradar24 is your best friend for these kind of things :)


Oops… in retrospect I should have captioned it differently. I will change the captions immediately.

Yep… problem is that my iPad had ran out of charge when I was taking these, and I was sitting on my roof lol

Great pictures, that AeroMexico looks Lovely ❤️


Thanks! I agree, I had never seen an Aeromexico in real life up to that point, since we never seem to see them, and when we go to Heathrow, we usually go to terminal 5. It was probably one of my best pics, bearing in mind that the camera was zoomed in 90x (hence the bad quality)


I have planes flying over my house enroute to John Wayne. I’l try my best to take photos of them with my iPhone 6s, which I know I will get low quality photos.


I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ55 (got it for free off of my grandparents as they got a new camera because they didn’t like the one I’m using because it was “too technical”. Lucky for me though cos I love changing camera settings! Guess I’m just a nerd lol…

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Not of great quality but,

Indigo A320-200


KLM cargo B747-400F


Air India A321


Jet Airways B737-800


Those are beautiful, just you can’t really see the planes 👍 love those pics


Which set of photos u talking about?

The ones @dush19 posted

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Understood lol just checking

You photos are amazing though. 👍