Planespotting at Frankfurt (IF)

Here’s my new video about Infinite Flight planespotting at Frankfurt (I know, unreal)
I hope you guys enjoy, say what do you think about this type of videos.



Is Frankfurt even in the sim or have I been missing something?


In sim its Dusseldorf but I called it Frankfurt :D

Do you mean Cologne or Düsseldorf? Frankfurt doesn’t exist in IF lmao.

Well why don’t you put Düsseldorf 🤷‍♂️

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Because Frankufurt is bigger and c’mon do you have imagination?

I think I might make one of these myself actually!
I have a question, were those all your landings? Because I’ve never seen that many people in a row land their planes that softly…lol

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All these landings are mine, I just made it in single

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Just when I thought you couldn’t make clickbait on a mobile flight sim community 🙄


Hm, I should do this but instead spotting planes actually that are flown by other people in IF once I get Live of course

I like the video very much. Really looks like Frankfurt since you made the liveries and the planes correspondent to the location. If you do another video like this, could you do Hong Kong International airport please ( if you’d like too ).

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How were all the A380 landings perfect but not the 787. You have skill!


Not every landing must be smooth, thanks :D

Altogether, a really nice video there man! Keep up the hard work!

Nice video, but what I don’t understand is why you call it “Frankfurt Planespotting”. Just call it “Düsseldorf Planespotting”. An experienced aviation enthusiast will spot the difference between the two airports straight away.

This was a really cool video! Amazing and realistic landings and take offs.

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