Planespotting at Frankfurt EDDF

Welcome to my second planespotting feed on infinite flight, I hope you enjoy! All arrivals and departures are based on real life and I have spent ages getting the flight numbers and other stuff to add that more realism. Frankfurt international airport is home to Lufthansa and has countless airlines from all over the world creating a great place to come and do some planespotting!

I hope that you like these and more feedback would be appreciated!

All photos were taken on solo mode!

AA70 from Dallas

UA2776 from Chicago O’Hare

LH809 to Stockholm

OU418 from Dubrovnik

CMB181 to Norfolk

DL15 from Atlanta

QR70 from Doha

AC873 to Toronto Pearson

VN37 from Hanoi

LH430 to Chicago O’Hare

Thanks for viewing I hope you liked them,


Great Pictures at a Great Airport.


Stunning shots.


Brilliant shots!


Nice Pictures! I would prefer it though, if you’d name the destination/origin airport


Thank you!

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Can you explain a bit more in detail ( I need more detail so I can make it better)

Thanks mate!

Do you have a YouTube channel

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Like adding where they came from for example: Lufthansa B747 from Buenos Aires

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It says above the photos if that’s what you mean?

I like looking at spotting topics. Nice job

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Thank you mate :)

Very cool pictures! I’m surprised you did this on Solo, interesting idea.

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Thanks, I do it on solo as I can’t control the amount of people landing at the chosen airport and I also can’t control what liverys and aircraft they use so I do it on solo


Well, EDDF was featured last week so you definitely could’ve gotten some nice pics then I bet, but I still see what you mean. I’m sure their landings wouldn’t have been as buttery as some of the ones in the pics either. ;)

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Ah yeah I could have and yeah aha some buttery landings but some absolutely terrible ones 😬

Happens to the best of us 😉😂

Yeah… sometimes 😂😂

Awsome shots oll !!

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