Planespotting At EGLL/27L

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av again! Today we are doing something different. We are not doing a Trip Report today. We are planespotting at EGLL today! Here we go!

These were all the pictures I was able to get today. Thanks for watching aviators and see you in the next vid!


I’ve only been to Heathrow twice in my lifetime but something about it makes the occasion feel special.


I go to Heathrow regularly, for both spotting and flights, and I still get extremely excited to go. Something is special about LHR, and I absolutely love it


Last time I was there, it was morning and it was the day we were going back to SEA. I convinced my dad to do some spotting before we go into the terminal, and had the delight of G-XLEA, the first BA A380, flying right overhead.


That’s amazing! I flew the BA A380 to Singapore and back in 2016, I don’t remember the reg unfortunately

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