Planespotting at Canberra (YSCB)

Hello IFC! This morning I went planespotting at YSCB (Canberra International) and I found a new spot. It’s a carpark for the offices near the airport, but it has an amazing view of departures/arrivals to Runway 35! It’s also next to the QantasLink hangar so you may find some 717s right next to the parking lot! Enjoy my photos!

Camera: Canon EOS 70D
Lens: 24-105mm


717 outside the QantasLink hangar

QantasLink Dash 8 Q400 (VH-QOU) landing on Runway 35


The lens flare!😍
I love how close the aircraft get when taxiing past on Taxiway Bravo! This is only taken with a 105mm lens! (VH-YQS)

Here’s VH-YQS rocketing into the sky! The noise is incredible!

Qatar lauched their daily service to Canberra only last Monday! (12th of Feb.) It’s awesome having another 777 coming to Canberra! I love the shot I got of the tire smoke on landing! Funny how the regestration is A7-BAE, since Valentine’s Day was only 3 days ago!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I’ll be going planespotting more at YSCB, so expect more pictures in the future!

(All pictures are mine. If you would like to use one, please ask me first and give credit to me. Thanks.)


Your photos are fantastic! Lucky you get the Qatar 777 now.


Really, really, really nice close ups of the 717! It looks incredible!


Thanks so much! Yes, it’s definitely a nice aircraft. I’m yet to see the Singapore Airlines 772 land, but I think it will be as fantastic as this!

@PlaneCrazy Thank you! I agree, I would say you’re standing about 20-30 meters away from the aircraft. Makes for some great pictures, especially when there is no fence blocking your view!


Those are some great photos! Especially the smoke on touchdown when the 777 was landing. I also like the close-up photos of the 717s. I hope to see more pictures from you.

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Thank you! The 717 was so close I could see the pilot’s and copilot’s facial expressions! I love the smoke too, one of my favourite shots from this spotting trip.

These pictures are amazing! How close could you get?

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I would say I’m about 20-30 meters away from the 717 (Taxiway Bravo), maybe even less! I’ll check when I go out this arvo to see the Qatar 77W takeoff, I’d love to get the same pictures I got with the 717, except with a 77W!

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Awesome shots! It’s nice to see Canberra getting more and more attractive to tourists and foreign airlines. Anyway, did you get a photo of SIA 772 too?

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I went out to the same spot to see A7-BAE (Qatar 77W) takeoff. Got some real close up pictures! It felt like I could reach out and touch the wingtip!

Virgin 737-800 (VH-TFO) caught me by surprise while I was waiting for A7-BAE. Very nice livery!

QantasLink Dash 8 Q400 (VH-LQH) Notice how they had there spoilers armed right until they began takeoff roll. Not sure why, but interesting to say the least! Also got photobombed by A7-BAE sneaking around the corner!


What I’ve been waiting for! Super close photos! Awesome getting this close up with such a huge plane like the 77W. The wingflex is amazing!

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos! Planning on seeing Singapore Airline 772 tomorrow!


Just you wait until tomorrow, my grandad will hopefully be taking me out to see it! If you want I can tag you so you can get notified when I post the photos. Expect photos around 11:30 AM AEDT tomorrow.


Alot of Qantas link and Qatar! Very nice and unique! Well job.


Awesome shots! Loving the Qatar and Qantas.

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Whoa, Qatar, that must’ve been awesome, also cool spotting place.

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Today I went out to see the Singapore Airlines 772! @George I met another spotter who was really nice and gave me some tips! I also caught a few surprises such as the RAAF Challenger and the QantasLink Q400 New Livery. The Virgin Australia 737-800 was a pretty new aircraft because it was fitted with bright LEDs as landing lights!

The Singapore Airlines 772! (9V-SQN) Awesome aircraft, loved the roar of the engines when she applied her reversers!

Qantas 737-800! (VH-VZE) Nice aircraft, bonus catch of the copilot waving!

Here’s VH-VZE taking off with a Dash-8 in the foreground! (VH-LQF)

Brand new Virgin Australia 737-800! (VH-YFZ) Her LED lights really stood out from the other aircraft while she was on final!


QantasLink Dash 8 Q400 in the new livery! (VH-QOC) Awesome seeing the new livery on a dash! Apparently, she was painted only a few weeks ago!

Amazing surprise! A RAAF Bombardier Challenger CL604 (A37-002) taxiing to Runway 35! It’s nice having a surprise every now and again.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

(All pictures are mine, if you would like to use one, please ask me first and give full credit near or on the image.)


Sierra Quebec November looks so pretty 😍👌. Thanks for capturing it!

Awesome photos as usual 😉


Thanks a lot! Yeah, she is very beautiful, isn’t she?

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Indeed she is, sad to hear that 772 will be no longer seen on Canberra several months from now 🙁

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Luckily, SIA is upgrading their service to daily service on May 1st!


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