Planespotting at Barcelona El Prat (BCN) December 8th

This morning I went planespotting at the El Prat Mirador here is how it went!
My camera is a Canon 450D

Here are the pictures!

Surprisingly, Ryanair didn’t do hard landings, and saying this feels illegal!

This next one is a Singapore Airlines A350 arriving from Milan

The A320 that follows is an easyJet coming from Paris CDG

British Airways A320 from Heathrow

First time I see an A321NEO and the Swiss livery makes it even better!

AirFrance A320 but not in Crevette 🦐 livery

I really love all NEOs look at this one in the Vueling livery!

The next two were in really bad lighting but let me share them with you!

In the big plane for short haul I have the Air Europa 787-8 coming from Madrid after a 50 minute fight!

And last but really not least,
The Emirates 777-200LR taking a stop in Barcelona from Dubai, before continuing its journey to Mexico City

The engine sound was fabulous by the way!

Really hope you enjoyed my pictures!

All photographs are mine, we’re taken by me and if you want to use them just ask me 😁


The branches framing around these make them look so good! Two of many pics here that will make a great background for anything.

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I’m in the process of removing 20 pictures please don’t take this down 🙏🙏🙏😔

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Beautiful easyJet shots !
Others are stunning as well :p

Thanks for sharing 🔥

@Othman_Asli Check this mate , BCN ✈️📸 !

@Stan7 Check these Vueling (+AF , easy) shots !


Stunning pictures man!

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Beautiful shots, congrats mate!

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Thank you all for your positive feedback, with the limit of 10 pictures I’ll have to remove a lot so if you want additional pics just ask and I’ll be more than happy to give more to you!

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Very cool shots @Mathurin_Garcier! I also had the opportunity to spot a 777-300ER of Emirates but coming from Mexico!


nice photos! That Vueling A321 is pretty interesting…

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Yes it actually was an old aircraft from Level so it still has part of its livery!

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I like new easyJet livery! Thanks for making a screenshot about real aircrafts spotting.

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Nice spotting!

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First great pictures! I really loved the Singapore A350!

Sadly per the Spotting category rules, you must limit yourself to 10 pictures and I counted 15. Just remove 5 and you’ll be good to go!

You can read more here:

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Yes I’m in the process of removing some as mentionned earlier (they were 30 at the beginning)

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