Planespotting at an overcast Cape Town

Planespotting at an overcast Cape Town.

Hello IFC!
I found these photos on my camera, not realising I had them. But here’s the backstory.
In 2018 I went on vacation to Cape Town, and after an enjoyable weekend, I decided to do some spotting before my flight back home. It was a bit cold that afternoon, so I decided to take the photos from the Slow Lounge at Cape Town International.

airport-location-3-907813 Cape Town International Airport

Download-Time-PNG-HD Late Afternoon, Sometime in April 2018.

Nikon D5200

Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 55-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 G ED

All images are unedited. There may be some small reflections, due to the lounge windows.

TAAG Angola Airlines || Boeing 777-300ER (Reg N/A) || FACT - FNLU

Lufthansa || Airbus A340-313 (D-AIGL) || FACT - EDDM

Emirates || Boeing 777-300ER (A6-ECI) || OMDB - FACT

Mango || Boeing 737-800 (Reg N/A) || FALA - FACT

South African Airways || Airbus A320-232 (ZS-SZJ) || FAOR - FACT

British Airways || Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVO) || EGLL - FACT

South African Airways || Airbus A340-642 (ZS-SNG) || FACT - FAOR

South African Airways || Boeing 737-800 (ZS-SJN) || FAPE - FACT || ZS-SJN is now used by Mango

Ramp Photo

A special thanks to @Andre_S & @infiniteflight_schoo for helping with the selection of my photos!

Feel free to use these photos! All I ask is that you give credit to me.
If you would like to edit an image, be sure to send your edit to me!


These are wonderful photos! My mom went to Cape Town a few months ago and now FACT is my favorite airport in Africa

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FACT is very nice! There’s also a good ratio of heavies to regionals. FAOR is full of Heavies, and there aren’t too many good spots for photos. FALE is nice, I usually spot from right under the threshold lights. The only problem with FALE is that the opposite side of the runway is used most due to ocean winds.


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