Planespotting Arrivals at Los Angeles KLAX

Thanks to all 35 people who voted on my which hour long poll of where to do a spotting topic. This weeks country is the United States, the chosen airport as you may have guessed was LAX. Today I chose a nice location at LAX to the right of the start of runway 07R. Creating these posts is a joy and I love creating content like this for the IFC, I hope you enjoy!

All screenshots were captured on Solo mode

The reason for this being that I can have realistic arrivals into the same runway!

To start things off with a bang we see an Alaskan 737 landing from its short ho across California from San Francisco

Next, A KLM 747-400 is on final from Amsterdam schipol

A delta A319-100 on shot final from Detroit

Some lucky snob arriving from Cardiff in their 24 karat gold plated A318-ACJ with diamond encrusted bogs toilets for you who are not British

A beautiful A350-900 on final from Shanghai pudong

New livery alert! A United Airlines 737-800 flying the fresh modern 2019 livery in from Oakland

The British Airways superjumbo (A380) arrives from London Heathrow

A gorgeous Korean Airlines 777-200ER inbound from Seoul Incheon

An Ethiopian Dreamliner arrives from Addis Ababa after a lengthy journey

I really hoped you enjoyed viewing these, thanks a lot for having a look,
Oliver :)


Love it Oliver keep it uppppp

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Thanks a lot @CPT_Colorado!

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Ahhh don’t you just love this plane and the airline I mean 🥵

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Amazing job! Love the idea and the perfection of each and every photo

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Thank you!

Very nice! I like the aircraft information in the pics.

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Cheers, do you think it’s worth doing in more posts?


That’s for sure, keep it up!

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