Planespotting and listening in to ATC?

I’ve done a search of the forums and can’t find an answer

It’s not often that I’m unsure of something in Infinite Flight, but are we allowed to tune into a frequency on live if we’re just parked at the airport and plane spotting? Reason I ask is because I’d like to hear what’s going on in the airspace, but as a former IFATC I also know that the extra flight strips may cause an issue/annoyance to the controller

Yes you may! You can’t reported for just listening! I know many inspiring controllers who do this just to gain knowledge and see how IFATC functions. I would avoid sending messages though if your intentions differ (just maintaining position).


I usually just change my callsign to something like “SPOTTING” so maybe the ATC has an idea of what you’re “intentions” are


Same, I change my callsign to SPOTTER

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I have a question: Can you also stay for 1/2 hours in the same gate and listening the ATC or is there a risk of a ghost?

This isn’t an issue, but please don’t do this at a smaller airport. For example, I was working an airport in Hawaii a few days ago, and had so many planes spawn and just sit there, that nobody else could spawn. If it’s a big airport, there’s no issue, but if it’s a busy airport with few gates, please move to a taxiway with no traffic, and spot from there

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Roger , Thanks!

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I change my Callsign to BB-SPOT

Yes, you may tune into an ATC frequency while plane spotting. If ATC has too many aircraft on their frequency, they’ll just swipe your aircraft strip away removing your aircraft info from their screen. It does nothing to you whatsoever. All it does is just makes more room for other aircraft on their screen.

Just make sure, you’re parked in an area that wouldn’t limit others from spawning into a gate or parking spot. Maybe a maintenance hangar, de-icing pad or engine test pad would be good.


I stayed at an airport for 6 hours before, no issues.

You shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever just enjoy plane spotting with regards to what @DeerCrusher has said.

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