Planespotting and Behind the Scenes at Miniatur Wunderland's Knuffingen Airport!

Here’s a 10 Minute Spotting Video from Miniatur Wunderland’s Knuffingen Airport. In 1:87 Scale, the World’s Smallest Commercial Airport is Constantly Operational with more than 40 Lifelike, LED Fitted Aircraft on the Move! The Smallest Aircraft being a Cessna to the Largest, the Airbus A380-800! There are Many Different Airlines and Aircraft Visible in this Video but there are also some Special Aircraft, such as the Challenger Space Shuttle, “Bumblebee” and the Millenium Falcon to Commemorate the Release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Also, the Crash of a 707 complete with Fire and Emergency Vehicles can be seen! Enjoy

Also, have a look at what goes on Behind the Scenes at Knufingen Airport from the Exclusive Tour, narrated by our Guide.


I love this place, I would like to go to Hamburg some day.

Great videos ruined my day when I saw that Star Wars plane taxiing lol

Excuse me, it’s the Millennium Falcon.

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Going there was so much fun.

I always go to Miniatur Wunderland when im in Hamburg!

Seen this so much, would absolutely love to visit it.

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