“Planespotting “ and a solo flight in KEYW

Good morning guys :) ,
After five days in Pittsburgh, I’m back to flying around in IF more. I decided to do a few “just for fun” flights, and “planespotting “ in IF (not to be too confused with actual plane spotting in real life. That’s for another topic in another category ;) ). The first airport I picked was Keywest. I always heard from a good friend of mine that one of the most beautiful places in Florida was the Florida keys, and I’ll just say she was right :).
In this collection of pictures, the “planespotting “ was done on the expert server with no particular flight plan and the engines were off. I managed to make sure I didn’t stay there very long as I saw the airport was starting to fill up and I didn’t want to be a “gate hogger” :) . I think I spent 8 minutes there :). The other two photos were done in solo mode just to show off what the take off views are like. The biggest aircraft I saw were the B737 and the A321. Enjoy the pictures :)


Nice pics 👍🏽