Hi I was wondering will the A-10 rework update be free to all users or will it be pro subscription required.

Also will the Boeing 737 have new liveries including the P-8. I have all the 737 variants.

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It will probably be free

The A-10 will be free and we do not know what 737’s are confirmed.

Visit this link for leaks and more.

If I’m not mistaken, the A-10 comes without a Pro subscription, along with some versions of the 737. I imagine that it would stay this way. However, I am no developer, and I have no idea. That’s just my educated guess ;)

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Wing flex
Scimitar winglets

More we dont know :D

Thanks @JT_Playz ;)


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Where did u see that? (Speculation is not allowed on the forums 🙂)

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I don’t believe this information has yet to be released. If it has, its likely buried somewhere in the social media posts. Best to stay tuned to #announcements or keep an eye out for a post from Jason or a developer for a blog post regarding this information.