Hello I am wondering if I can buy all the planes without getting pro or buying them individualy, can I do that?

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Yes, you may buy then individually, but it is recommended to buy Pro subscription.


Personally would buy a subscription tho because you get all planes at a much lower cost :)

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No you can not. Well, you cant buy the MD11/DC10/KC10 individually yet. Maybe in the near future.

Read under “New Aircraft”


Kind of off topic but if my pro subscription experiences do I keep all the planes or do you have to renew it to get it back?

If you bought them, you will have them. If you didn’t, you won’t.


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Regarding your question

You can buy all plane individually, but we recommend you buy a Pro subscription. With the Pro subscription you can download all the planes that are available, fly online with other people, and fly wherever you want in the world!

If you like flying in regions, then i would recommend buying them individually. But if you fly global, then you should buy the pro because it includes everything.

I would just by the pro sub, it is cheaper but with more stuff

No its an Infinite Flight question. Its not a roblem as in bugs, glitches, etc.

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