Planes with which you are able to land smoothly

Never heard this one before 😂


I butter with the A380, but always mess up the A320 and the other aircraft.

Okay, we now have a term that will end the butter vs. grease war. Icing the cake.

Sure! I am sick of all the arguing anyways!

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I know, right?!

I always have to go around a minimum of three times, then eventually just try to get it down (which ends up smashing it)

I can get it down, it’s the flare that kills me lol. I go to flare and it’s like “ground, meet plane”

I can grease the A320 family B737 family and B777 Family and B787-8 and -9 every time.
The -10 seems so long to me to grease.

For me the smaller commercial jets such as the A320 series and the 737 series tend to be the planes in which i can control easiest while playing IF.

When I see Misha land every time it’s a perfect grease landing not too sure how he does it

Strangely enough my smoothest landings are with the 787 and CRJs. They’re so different but I really only land smoothly with those.

You don’t want to see my CRJ landing

I can butter the bread with the 737 series, and the a340. The rest i still need to “master” a bit more

I hope IF Assisitant app comes with vref speeds (since it also has v1 vr and v2 speeds). That’d be pretty usefull

a 787 777 737 a321 and the 747
I definitely didn’t crash a 747 ;) wink

A320 + A321 + B787 are good

I grease all the airliners no problem. GAs and fighter jets? I haven’t practiced enough. But the 787, 777 and A333 I have to say are very smooth fliers.

I can butter the 747,757,767,777 and 787 pretty good.

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