Planes with which you are able to land smoothly


Anyways, some aircraft I can land smoothly are the 739, A319 and A321, A330, 788 and 789, and the 777 (all variants). Hardest one for me to smoothly land is the A380…

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Yeah 787 doesn’t respond as agressively to inputs

Just tested all the aircraft out on solo, and apparently I’m pretty… buttery… in the a320 fam.
Irl, I haven’t flown many planes, but I sure did butter the landing in a beautiful 1946 Taylorcraft today…

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I’ve had troubles with the A380 and 747. The lack of ground effect is marked. You’d start getting that cushion at like 150’ or so on the big birds IF they had it. Hopefully in the future. Another one is the 717-no matter WHAT I try with that plane it’s a smash job.

As far as laying the grease on the bricks, A32X, A330 and both 777, 787 as well as the 737 family.


Anything except the 717…

The 777 family, A333, 787s, MD11s, 737s are the easiest for me

Rip I can’t butter any planes lol. I always land my 737 around -200 fpm. Need more practice

Even the XCub?

Personally it depends on experience, you can land any plane smooth if you practice alot.

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I don’t know about butter but E170s are definitely my favorite plane to fly pattern works, it’s highly movable and pretty easy to control

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Planes have no ability too Land smoothly. They are inanimate objects!
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Damn max, that’s rude, @Swiss is gonna be VERY upset

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I always land A320 family aircraft in a buttery manner…

For me it’s the 737 series.

For me its nearly all of them, most of the time I can get a reasonable landing just might not be spot on if I’m tired or unwell.

200fpm is normal lol
less than that on a short runway or in rain IRL might actually cause braking problems


I can do less than -200 FPM on almost every aircraft consistently . But on the 787 I can do less you than -50 FPM all the time. My hardest landings are on the CRJ family.

A lot of people mentioning the 747 - anybody able to share some tips, one of the worst for me when it comes to lowering flaps and reducing speed. The actual landing isn’t too bad.

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I ice the cake with the A330, B777 and B787

For me, speed plays a huge factor. If you go too slow, your plane will drop pretty hard, and if you go too fast, you’ll most likely bounce. My tip is to find the average landing speed, and maintain that as much as possible. Only put throttle to around 0 when you are really near the ground.

In your case, the average landing speed of a loaded 747 is 145 - 150 kts.