Planes with which you are able to land smoothly

I find the 777 family, CRJ family, 737 family, 747 family, 787 family, A380, and A320 family especially buttery. It depends on technique. I guess I’m just that good, lol (Jk) 😂

I haven’t even tried landing the 757 or 767, lol.

I always have to go around a minimum of three times in the 717, and when I finally land, it’s so freakin’ hard, lol.

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Eh, it’s all about practice.

Landing flaps are normally after FAF… yes?

Also, use the FPV to your advantage!

I love the 787! I can butter it almost every time!

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@Will_A landing flaps is like 5-10nm out. What is FAF lol
Also I don’t use FPV these days.
@Hymenopus_Coronatus Same here.

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FAF is normally about 5-7 nm out. Landing flaps normally come after the gear is down (or at the same time). Depends on the approach/airline.

Oh lol then I do about the same. I thought that FAF is before ILS intercept for some reason.

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I’m currently at LAX on the TS doing 717 patterns so I can say that I can butter it.

Y’all can spot me if you want 😁

I can BUTTER the A320 family and the CRJ family.

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How dare you! You foiled my plan of world domination with the butter army!


Butter is a dairy product. Grease is what tires leave when they kiss the runway. There will be no butter domination

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Grease is what’s in my frying pan after I cook bacon

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It’s also what’s on the runway, on your axle and is the term that has been used by real world aviators for time immemorial to define an excellent landing.

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I usually butter landings in the 747 SOFIA A10 or any airliner.
Ryanair all others, heavy and a touch rough but wouldn’t get too many complaints if I were a pilot. Otherwise brace for impact with any thing else 🤣

So I can use that grease on the runway to cook my French fries? Yay!

When you eat butter, it goes down smooth, like the plane on the runway.

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I can butter with the

  • 737
  • 787
  • a330
  • 757

I can destroy the gear with the

  • 747
  • a380
  • Cessna 172

Apologies to be that one person, but I’d like to clarify that this is not a Butter VS Grease thread. If you feel that your opinion on Grease VS Butter is so significant, please just send your disagreement in a PM, as it really isn’t needed in this thread. It’s fine to utilize those phrases here, but for some reason if you want to correct the user on their terms, just do it in a PM.


You eat plain butter? Kinda gross.

How’s about using the proper terminology like a real aviation enthusiast 😉

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As a matter of fact, I do sometimes eat plain butter 🧈. What’s your point? 😂

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I can grease the TBM 99% of the time, but that’s cause I fly it so often. 787 is easy. It really just comes down to practice.