Planes with which you are able to land smoothly

Actually I have no idea what the criteria for a smooth landing is (does touchdown zone matter?)
My best landings ever have been on the B789 and the A330. My touchdown zone is usually really bad though cuz I don’t like using FPV, but without it judging direction of movement isn’t exact.

787, 330, TBM, A10 for me.



MD11, DC10, TBM and 788

Made this piece of gold to prove butter is correct. The plane landing is the knife. The butter on the knife is the landing gear. And the bread is the runway. It represents the butter smoothly going on the bread, just like smooth landings. It is a metaphor. Planes are not knifes!

Butter is correct! Not grease!

  1. The 787
  2. 777
  3. A333
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I can make extremely Shrexy landings with the CCX.

I make my landings pretty silkly like silk milk with the A320 family.


Only nick would say this lmfao 😂
I’d grease in the Airbus A320 fam and any 737

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B717 easiest airplane to land hands down


Pretty much all aircraft except the 717.

If you practice, any aircraft. Unfortunately, many people nowadays feel accomplished when they make a good APPR landing. They… make… oh my.

Pilots these days aren’t pilots

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777 a330 737 sometimes 717 TBM Citation X a320 series the DC 10 and MD 11

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basically most fighters and occasionally if I am able to set up a good approach, the smaller airliners lik the 737 family and A320 family

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As experienced IF and real world pilot I find that the smallest aircraft are often the hardest to do a smooth landing but can still be mastered with a little more practice. I also suggest doing a lot of manual lands as 1, you’ll find it easier to fly and land any plane and 2, you’ll realise that the APPR has its limitations.

Are you refering to APPR as ILS autopilot, or as a CAT III autoland?

I say the MD-11 and the DC-10

If you are in a CAT III situation, I don’t mind if you use APPR.

A lot of pilots use APPR to land… just in general. No matter the weather, they don’t land manually. I don’t understand that. It just takes a bit of practice!

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Sorry, I just mean using APPR as autoland vs using it for ILS then disconnecting. I don’t like appr too much anyways cuz extending landing flaps throws it off.

Yeah. I disconnect A/P at the FAF at the very latest. I’ll normally have it off when app hands me off to tower. Flying an ILS manually is a good skill to have.

If there isn’t app active, I’ll normally have it off at 5,000 feet.

It’s all personal preference. The easiest aircraft IMO to land is the 738.

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I disengage around when I select landing flaps these days.
TBH my approaches are so bad though. Like probably 90% of them would be considered unstabilized (usually too high, or coming in at a slight angle) IRL.