Planes with which you are able to land smoothly

So, how long more are you expecting to practise?

The A320 family, especially the A319. 🥞

RIP the Super D


I personally think the Q400, CRJ200, A318/19/20/21, 717, 737-800, 767-300, 777-200ER/LR, 787-8/9, E170/5, E190/5, and DC-10 are easiest to land in my opinion, but it differs between pilots.

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ERJ 175!! It is what got me to grade 3

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Guaranteed Butter: 737 & A330

Getting much better in the 787 series.

Second runner ups: DC10/MD11

I think TBM930 is the easiest

Probably the 787

No one, I just slam them into the ground


The A330 and 787 are really easy to butter for me. Also most planes if I don’t slam the nose into the ground, but I float most of the time

I can grease the 789 pretty good.

Anything except the Fighters, XCub, or spitfire

Spitfire:* exists *
Everyone on Infinite Flight: I’m about to end this planes whole career


All about how much practice you do ie which planes you’re most comfortable with. I personally love the small airbus planes and the 777

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I would change the title to "butter " instead of “grease” but I don’t think that’s allowed.

or you can have it which plane can you land the best. And personally i fly all of them and can land them all by hand so

I can butter the A319,A320,A330,B737-800,B767,B777,B787s

‘can’, I can if I try and the conditions aren’t harsh.


depending on if i have had a good day or not i’ll grease the landings on every plane

grease is the correct terminology for a landing if you want to have a go PM me


I can butter/grease the B737 pretty well.

I don’t really keep track of what aircraft I’ve greased with, but here’s ones I know:

  • B737 (BBJ)

  • MD11

  • A333

  • B772

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