Planes vibrate too much

good evening
this seems like a joke, but it is not.
If I’m in the cockpit view , nothing happens, but if I’m in view wing or engine vibration considerable on the plane , apart from removing realism , tide if you look at the aircraft is .

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What plane, what server. What device, what Settings. Want solutions suggest you provide details! Max Sends

In a lg g2,sony xperia z3,in offline mode,ALL planes,

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Hi, I know exactly what you mean. I describe it as a “shaking” of the aircraft. It happens to me after landing after a long flight. I think it’s a bug that the devs are aware of :)



this is a known issue that occurs after flying for some time. It’s been around for a while and some devices with lower specs may experience this more frequently or dramatically. Unfortunate there’s really not a lot you can do. Just do what you can to make sure the device is fresh and has been restarted often as well as run the app alone without any other background apps.


NO,my device is a snapdragon 810,2.4 ghz,quuad core,is not powerful but its ok

Device type doesn’t matter. Happens on all,

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