Planes veering to the right on take off?

Good evening, I’ve got an issue with my plane veering to the right during take off, I’ve tried using different devices as I thought maybe it was a celebration issue but still have the same problem no matter what device, plane or airport I use, I have also tried lots of different weather configurations and still no difference anyone having the same issue or know how to fix it?


If your airplane is veering to the right, you need to add left rudder to keep your airplane straight down the runway

Did you remember to calibrate? Just move the rudder left and you should get back on track.

Could you please provide us with a video. Before that, make also sure you go to —> Settings --> General —> Auto Coordination off

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What should percentage of trim be on during takeoff?

Oh okay, I’ll try to input this.

If you have anymore questions, please take it to a PM or watch and read some of Mark and Tyler’s tutorials. I don’t want to go off topic.

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Sorry guys sorted the issue didn’t have auto coordination turned off


This doesn’t have anything to do with trim. It’s either you not calibrating your device or not using the rudder to compensate for the wind

Has your issue been solved?

Well I thought it was but it’s still doing it in multiplayer :( I am positive it’s not weather and as previous asked trim is all set correctly and I am applying rudder to try and keep it central on the runway but still struggling even thought I would try it with AP on to see if that could keep it on the runway but it couldn’t device is calibrated correctly and note broken

It will take some practice. The crosswind is basically hitting your tail and pushing your nose in the opposite direction. Even 4-5kts can make a difference. AP sometimes will make it harder because then you will bank hard to maintain that heading.

Turning coordination off is a big component. Trim won’t really help you, its all about that rudder.

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Ok I’ll keep trying see if I can get any better thank you for the quick response

@Nathan_Keen that is what moderators are here for.

Usually this is caused by winds which was already stated above. Maybe trying to takeoff on a runway which favors your departure?

That’s a little hard when there’s only one runway (with a crosswind)

Which speed is your rotate? Because when you are too fast the plane in going right or left

One side of the runway should be in your favor right? Like KNUC. I sometimes fly there and usually runway 24 has good weather conditions, while runway 6 normally has bad weather conditions.

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