Planes, Sun, Birds and a Steak Slice - Bristol Spotting 20/07/21

Spotting @ EGGD 20/07/21, RWY 27

Today was a hot one. A very very hot one. No amount of water and sun block could prepare me for the searing heat awaiting me at the airport today. Nothing could possibly predict the amount of sunlight cooking me by the airport. 32 degrees C of heat and barely a breeze to speak of. With water and a steak slice pumping through my veins, it was time to endure the heat and take some pictures.

Werf though.

Kicking off the afternoon, we have G-ISLN. An ATR 72-500 operated by blueislands, departing on its way to Jersey. This one was 20 minutes late departing, which was perfect as I arrived at the airport 5 minutes before it took off.

Second up on the departures for today we have G-BCJN, a Piper PA28-140 owned by Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club. Unsure as to where this one went, was doing patterns for some time. Ended up in Cardiff in the late evening.

The first arrival of the afternoon is G-EZTA, an Airbus A320-214 operated by easyJet, flown in from Tenerife. Little bit of heat haze action but otherwise the best I managed to get of this aircraft.

Another short takeoff roll, this time by G-SAJK, an Embraer ERJ-145EP operated by Loganair, heading off to Darlington. A surprisingly noisy little aircraft with a beautiful tail design. She had a surprisingly steep climb on departure too.

Another arrival, this time being SP-RKS, a Boeing 737-8AS operated by Ryanair, having flown in from Kaunas in Lithuania. I got absolutely heat hazed here, and every image of this aircraft was the same, this being the clearest of the lot. A nice view of Bristol tower too :)

A special livery here, and in my incompetence I cut off the tail. Honestly I was livid. Anyways, she is
G-EZOX, an Airbus A320-214. Operated by easyJet painted in the unique 20 Years livery, off to Glasgow. I have gotten multiple images so perhaps I can stich them together to fix this one…

The last captured departure for the afternoon is EI-DLY, a Ryanair operated Boeing 737-8AS on its way to Alicante. Once again showing how long the 737 takeoff roll is here at Bristol, I am yet to get a good departing shot of a 737.

Switching over now to the end of Runway 27, as I do every spotting session to capture the last few arrivals before heading home. Here we have EI-EBI, a Boeing 737-8AS pf Ryanair on short final, having flown in from Limoges.

The next arrival on short final is G-EZGH, an Airbus A319-111 of easyJet, inbound from Edinburgh. Landing 20 minutes early, as did many arrivals today. Those CFM engines make such a beautiful noise.

And wrapping up the spotting session for the day is G-UZMD, an Airbus A321-251NX of easyJet inbound from Belfast. The first easyJet A321 I have been able to capture in person, and a Neo no less. Those fan blades are just mmMMMM


Gear Used

Canon EOS 550D
Canon 55-250mm IS STM 1:4-5.6
Canon 18-55mm IS II 1:3-5.6 (Kit Lens)
Can of boomer juice
Unprecedented quantities of water
A steak slice

My images aren’t copyrighted or anything. You can use them, but please contact me and ask, whilst also providing credit where used. Thanks

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Not much to say here except remember to wear plenty of sunblock, some sunglasses and a hat when in direct sunlight. The headache really kicked in on the cycle home. Got heat hazed a load today, hopefully the weather will cool down by next month so I can go spotting again. Shame really as there were another easyJet neo (with the neo livery) and a Tui 737 Max parked at the stands, but the images are so ridiculously hazy it isn’t even worth trying to salvage them.
Hope ye enjoy.

Edit: Images haven’t uploaded in full resolution, will fix later


Totally not my favourite

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Welcome to Singapore
Nice photos btw!


Nah more like welcome to literally any tropical place

As a certified bri’ish mad lad, I can assure you we aren’t used to this kind of heat…

Funny how we complain when there is bad weather, but also complain when there is good weather… Tally ho!

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32c is amazing weather! 89f is beautiful weather to be out and about!


I’m gonna be honest the final 3 looked like they were taken by a phone, but still wonderful photos!


In terms of the angle or the image quality?


the wide-angle

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Does EasyJet also have NEOs with the mask?

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I’ve never seen one with a mask, pretty sure they don’t.

Not wide angle, just where I was stood in relation to the aircraft. For what it’s worth, the neo is taken at an 89mm focal length, the a319 at 127mm and the 737 at 100mm.

For reasons unknown, the images still haven’t uploaded in full resolution. Originally 5184x3456 but it seems they’ve all uploaded in roughly 1080p which is a shame, a lot of detail lost.

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