Planes strobe lights

Every plane has a different strobe light.
Wouldn’t it be cool to see every plane with its actual strobe light ?
B787 strobe lights:
A320 strobe lights:


What do you mean?

Go on youtube and look at the B787 strobe light and the A320 strobe lights.

You’re right we hope to see strobe lights in aircrafts are different


He is saying that all the aeroplanes should have their own strobe lights pace, I like it because all planes have the same light pace is boring😕


I really hope thyll be able to implement this in game, especially on the 787

Yes… The 787’s super bright LED strobe and beacon lights look so awesome when they flash!
They use a Honeywell Astreon strobe light system


British Airways operates their 787-8 seasonally out of PHL, and it departs around 10pm EST and you can see the bright strobes from it. It looks like a spaceship.

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Boeing’a strobe lights is 1 flash per second where as Airbus is 2 flashes per second.