Planes Spotting Cameras for beginner

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a beginner friendly camera I can use for plane spotting from farther distances and other misc. uses (basically with good resolution). My budget is $300-400.

Hey there @Abdulmohsen_Alhoqail

I would suggest taking a look at this guide I have linked below. It shows information and price ranges for all different types of cameras and lens


I’d get a refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T2i with a cheapish 70-300mm lens by promaster which would cost around 100 dollars

that should be within the budget

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Yeah, although ultra-cheap setups weren’t really my focus with that topic. With $400 max you’re priced out of most Nikons so you’ll probably have to go Canon. I suggest some sort of Rebel series, perhaps a 700D, paired with a EF-S 55-250 IS STM. The body is changeable, you can buy whatever you get a good deal on. The lens is not. Buy that lens.


Could I get a better quality setup if the budget is $300-400 just for the camera?

That setup looks nice but I meant $300-400 for the camera I can spend more later on a better lens.

For sure. At that price point you can probably find a D5500, which is a whole step up (or you can save $140 and get a D3400 which is a half step up). If you want to, you can also stretch a little bit and pick up an 80D for $450 ish, and that’s another half step up from the D5500. Just note that 1. the Nikons can’t do video, so if video is important to you the 80D is your guy (or maybe save for a mirrorless camera in that case) and 2. the intro lens on the Nikon side has an extra 50mm of reach that you might find useful for longer distances, I use a lens that’s roughly equivalent in zoom to the Canon intro lens and while I don’t find myself wanting more reach often, it would be nice sometimes.

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to help.


I use the Canon Rebel T7 (EOS 2000D) with the Canon EF-S 55-250mm STM, and they do the job for an amateur (bought them new).
Here in Europe, you can get a used 2000D in like new condition for 300€ ($320) and a like new 55-250mm STM for 254€ ($260) on
But I believe in the US, they are cheaper, correct @AndrewWu?

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Yes, I’d expect $250 for a T7 and $175 for the 55-250


If you do decide to go Canon, as Andrew has said, 55-250 IS STM. Specifically the IS STM. I cannot sing my praises for this lens enough. It’s got excellent sharpness, fast and silent focusing, a decent range, and it’s cheap.

Don’t even consider the 70-300.


Is there a new version because I prefer not to buy second hand.

Yes but you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a new setup for less than $400 unless you’re willing to sacrifice a lot of quality. A new 55-250 IS STM around $250, so you’d have to find a camera for less than $150 new which just doesn’t happen.

I’ll make a topic about this, expect it tomorrow.

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