Planes Spotted over my house (My logbook+Photos)



I was just looking around my house and found this from last year. Tell me what you think! These are out of YBBN on Runway 19 on the WACKO 2 departure.

Sorry if this is also in the wrong category I was torn between RWA and this one.

Sorry It’s messy…


Whoa,dude is that your logbook? I don’t really keep one as I would rather write it down in my head.


Logbook? As in for flights I’ve done


No,for spotting when you spot aircraft,and write down stuff such as airline,registration,and aircraft.


Ohh righto, yea kind of but it’s only for when I’m at home.


I have a few more recent ones if you want me to add them but they are of the KEVIE FIVE A arrival which means the spots are more generic…


Oh! I wanna do that too!
Looks very cool;)
But I don’t have any Airways above my house sadly…:(


I live right in between JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and Republic, under the approach path for aircraft heading to Boston, the airway bringing aircraft between Toronto and the Carribean, and the airway that airlines use on the way from the U.S. to Europe so you could imagine how my logbook would turn out 😂


😮 That is alot lol


Here is another one from a few weeks back. It is a little strange that there were no Qantas, Tiger or Jetstar departures. I did get an Anatov though which is sick.


Here is today’s spot, (once again in my backyard) this time with photos!