Planes skipping

Hey folks, I noticed a while ago that when I switch camaras to look at the other planes I dont get a smooth motion. It seems like they’re skipping. I have already umistalled and re-installed the app to see if that helps but it didnt. Im unable to upload a short video to show you guys. Does anyone else have this problem?

Uploading a video would be beneficial to speed up our assistance to you. If you have a YouTube account, upload a video as an unlisted video, copy the link and share it here.

On this issue, what’s your connection like?

Like Nathan said, upload it onto Youtube, then paste the link here.

I’m not quite sure what you’re inquiring about, but from my standpoint on what you are saying it sounds like a restart might help if it is involving your camera.

This usually occurs if you have a slower internet connection. It is trying to update the positions and then it will “catch up” and appear to slide.

Reboot your device prior to your flight and ensure you have a solid internet conenction with no multi-tasking drawing your bandwidth.

I was actually connected to a WIFI with my device being the only one connected.

It happens from time to time. It could be due to server load also. I would just be patient and see if it resolves itself.


It’s basically rubberbanding in Infinite Flight. Not too uncommon, especially in busy places.