Planes rudder

When planes park, why does the rudder do this??
Thai rudder


Hydraulic shutdown.


how do you do this in IF?

It’s not currently simulated. Some people tilt the rudder with the available control

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There’s a method some use where you hold the rudder in a right of left position you want and click the pause button and exiting out will jam the rudder in that place until further movement.

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awesome thanks

@CPT_Colorado… MaxSez: Let’s Keep it technical shall we. Most Aircraft have a device that holds a Rudder & other Control surfaces in position which keeps the RudderAilerons ect form kiteing back and forth in windy condition, The devises used iare called “Gust Locks”.

On GA and some larger aircraft there Installed manually. On the Typical Airliner, Gust Locking Mechanisms are permanently installed in the aft appendage& wings. In the case of Airliners and such the locking handle is in the cockpit.

(Had you researched @CPT_Colorado your correct Answer was ready available on Google; Suggest you Trust. But Verify Tech data published here.

Gust Lock
“A gust lock on an aircraft is a mechanism that locks control surfaces and keeps open aircraft doors in place while the aircraft is parked on the ground and non-operational. Gust locks prevent wind from causing unexpected movements of the control surfaces and their linked controls inside the aircraft, as well as aircraft doors on some aircraft. Otherwise wind gusts could cause possible damage to the control surfaces and systems, or nearby people, cargo, or machinery. Some gust locks are external devices attached directly to the aircraft’s control surfaces, while others are attached to the flight controls inside the cockpit.”)



I believe Captain Joe did an entire video about this: Why does the RUDDER point to the right? Explained by Captain Joe - YouTube

It’s just stretching

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